Hydraulic Folded Subsoiler- AgriBro

Hydraulic Folded Subsoilers

Tines: 6/8 pcs
Tines type: S/M/L
Tines space: ≤50 cm adjustable
Working depth: 25-50 cm
Working width: 330/430 cm
Tractor: 200- 450 Hp
The hydraulic folded subsoilers are equipped with tractors over 200Hp. It also has the functions of wide working width and easy to transport. The working depth can reach 50 cm, without disturbing the soil layer or turning over the soil.
Hydraulic Folded Subsoiler

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Hydraulic Folded Subsoiler
Hydraulic Folded Subsoiler


Model Unit EHS-440 EHS-550
Working Width cm 440 550
Working Depth cm 25~50 25~50
Row Spac cm 55 55
Matching Power kw 147~191.1 169.05~220.5
Total weight kg 2500 3700
Total Width (W) mm 4480 5580
Total Height (H) mm 1730 1730
Number of rows rows 8 10

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