Semi-Mounted Disc Plough -AgriBro

Disc Ploughs

Discs: 2/3/4/5 discs
Disc Dia. : 660
Working depth: 250 mm

Used together with a 120-220 horsepower tractor, it is especially suitable for plowing operations in complex farmlands such as overgrown weeds, upright stems, large soil-specific resistance, and masonry fragments in the soil.
Semi-Mounted Disc Plough -AgriBro
Semi-Mounted Disc Plough -AgriBro

Features: The disc plow has a unique design. The plow blades are made of boron steel. After heat treatment, they have good toughness, high hardness, and are hard and wear-resistant. Partial traction phenomenon, hydraulic adjustment of the walking wheel and tail wheel, convenient for transportation and transfer of plots, can also control the depth of cultivation, eliminate blockage faults, and have the advantages of no grass entanglement, no blockage, no blockage of soil, cutting off crop stalks, overcome masonry fragments and other features.


Model Discs Working Weight (kg) Matched tractor (hp) Overall size(mm)
Qty Dia.(mm)  width (mm)  depth (mm)
ELY-635 6 710×8 2100 250-300 1600 125-160 1500x4800x1100
ELY-735 7 710×8 2450 250-300 1700 160-200 1500x5500x1100
ELY-835 8 710×8 2800 250-300 1800 180-220 1500x6200x1100

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