Reversible Disc Plough- AgriBro

Reversible Disc Plow

Disc: 3/4/5/6/7/8
Disc Dia. : 660/ 710
Working depth: 626- 1680 mm
Working width: 750- 2400 mm

Reversible Disc Plough- AgriBro
The ELSY series reversible disc plow is constructed to be a horizontal swing. It’s suitable for plowing up dry cultivated land. The discs are rotating forward during work, so the friction from the soil is small and the discs are not easy to be wrapped and blocked up by grasses. With the long edge and the good wearing resistance of the discs, it’s easy to plough into the soil and the land surface is smooth after plowing. The productivity is high and the oil consumption is low. The plow has noticeable advantages for working on the terraced field and small block field.


Model Discs Size of disc (mm) Working width(mm) Weight(kg) Working depth(mm) Tractor (hp)
ELYS-325 3 660-710 750-900 626-650 250-300 75-90
ELYS-425 4 1000-1200 758-790 90-100
ELYS-525 5 1250-1500 1050-1100 100-120
ELYS-625 6 1500-1800 1300-1350 120-130
ELYS-725 7 1750-2100 1450-1520 150-180
ELYS-825 8 2000-2400 1600-1680 180-210

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