EBZ Hydraulic offset disc harrows- AgriBro

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Offset Disc Harrow

Disc: 16/18/20/24/28/32
Disc Dia. : 660x 5
Working depth: 7″-8.5/8″
High tensile, heat-treated notched discs.
Easy gang adjustment with locking device.
Adjustable disc scrapers.
32 mm disc axles.
The EBZ series offset hydraulic disc harrow is designed for field work as crop residue processing before tillage, breaking the hardened and impervious solid surface, crushing and spreading straw, shattering soil after tillage, planning the land and preserving soil moisture, it can be used on cultivated land for tillage harrow instead of ploughing.


ModelDisc(pcs)Disc Dia. (mm)Working Width(mm)Working Depth(mm)Weight(kg)Tractor(hp)
EBZ-1.816660x 51800180-220110070-80
EBZ-2.018660x 52000180-220120080-90
EBZ-2.220660x 52200180-2201380100-120
EBZ-2.524660x 52500180-2201510120-150
EBZ-3.028660x 53000180-2201650150-180
EBZ-3.532660x 53500180-2201890180-250

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