Twin Vertical Beater Manure Spreader EMS-12VB -AgriBro

Economy Model EMS-12VB

Vol. (m³): 12
Load(t): 12
Spreading width(m): 8- 12
tractor: 120- 200Hp
The crushing blade of the manure spreader is made of manganese steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the transmission uses high-strength mining round link chains, which are more durable.
Economy Twin Vertical Beater Manure Spreader- AgriBro


Design Capacity (m³) 12
Carrying Capacity (t) 12
Power Requirement (hp) 120-200
Spreading Width (m) 8- 12
Wheels 600/55/-26.5
Braking system No
Shock absorber No
Rear cover No
Total Weight (Kg) 4,500
Dimensions (m) 8.10x 2.80x 2.58

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